November 2016 - Swedish House Crafts


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sponsoring Challenge Blogs

Hello everyone,

I have exciting news about new sponsorship to a number of beautiful challenge blogs throughout 2017. Get challenged, upload your beautiful work and WIN! I am very happy to sponsor the following blogs throughout the year and nearly every month.

Check out the blogs here:

Allsorts is weekly challenge blog posted every Saturday with worthy prizes sponsored by great companies and shops. It's my pleasure to stand by them and sponsor Allsorts. Click on the image to visit their blog.
Penny Black challenge blog, a great monthly prize is made. Thank you Penny Black for letting us sponsor our shops. Besides that you get a chance to become a guest designer if you use Penny Black or stickeroo products. Worth looking into and participating. Click on the image to visit their blog.

As for Stamping Sensations, there is a monthly challenge. It is well prized and worth it. Click on the image to visit their blog. 

I will be posting each time a challenge I sponsor starts and I will also post the winner and the prize when the winner claims it.

You will find those blogs on the side of SHC blog at anytime you wish to access them.

Swedish House Crafts will continue sponsoring good faith blogs and wish you all great crafting.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Introducing: Blogger of the Month

Blogger of the Month (BoM) is here for the first time ever in the world of Design Team anticipating. This is a new concept of DT blogging where the blogger is in total control, gain with no obligations. It is totally different than any traditional Design Team calls ever.

Craft bloggers are the manufacturers' soldiers of the net! In real life, bloggers are people who spend time and energy to make lots of beautiful creations, tutorials, great photography, great videos and generate a very sweet communication patterns that makes us love them. They deserve recognition. In return of the many favours I have created the BoM concept. It is great for small businesses and useful for growing bloggers to spot lights on, reach new readers and get appreciated.

Each month, a chosen blogger will tell us about herself. The blogger will choose what she wants to share with us on SHC website and social media. Connect with more people.

First, who I am and what is SHC: 

My name is Suha and I am the owner of SHC, creator and manager. It is a little online shop for crafting items designed in Sweden mostly. In fact all dies and stamps in the shop are Swedish manufactured. The shop has started to grow recently. Things happen quickly and I am getting very busy. I noticed hands growing out of my sides, using them to do everything myself.

I am also planning online short classes to take place during 2017. I have lots of plans and activities in the future. This means I will need lots of people to get involved! Lucky me you all out there are my saviours!

My perspective is, having an online shop is one thing and being part of an online society it another. Being thankful to all customers and bloggers is essential to me. I do not exist without you. Therefore I am reaching out fellow bloggers in the crafting industry to apply for the BoM or share the word and encourage great bloggers who you think they deserve a spotlight to apply. You are not necessarily a well-known blogger. That's the point of BoM, step in the light.

How it works:

If you are chosen, for a whole month, you'll have your biography and photo published on your dedicated page on Swedish House Crafts website. You will also have your blog completely embedded into that page and 100% functional. This means that visitors will be able to explore and read your blogposts with all it's functions, affiliates and all links you have on your blog. Your blog, name and links will be shared on SHC social media and blog.

Get exposed to more people and gain more followers.

Example BoM:

What describes you?
  • Your blog is in English.
  • Preferably, your readers are mostly from UK and/or EU but not essential.
  • Your style is not necessarily like SHC, but in the same line. This is difficult to determine as everyone's reception of creativity is different. However, variety and diverse is one of my favourite subjects!
  • An active crafting blogger, for papercrafts mainly and more if you like. .   
  • You use or have used Scandinavian products (along with other manufacturers), whether it is from Sweden, Norway or other surrounding countries and you mention in your blog the manufacturers' names.
That's it, if you have the above criteria, you are eligible to apply.

What you will do during the featured month of yours:

  • You post one little/short blogpost about anything related to SHC, it can be blogging about yourself being chosen to be on BoM.
  • You add a very little linked banner of SHC in your blog during the featured month.
Nothing more.

What is it for you (in return)?

  • You receive a badge Blogger of the Month to add on your blog if you wish.
  • SHC offers a generous 25% discount on all your purchases valid from the first featured day and valid 3 months after the featured month is ended (4 months in total).
  • You can share this 25% discount with 2 friends of yours (in prior arrangement).
  • You may also receive free item(s) each time you make a purchase. Valid only to your own purchase shipping address and during the featured month only.
  • Your total control over the content featured as long as it is about you.

Optional: Opportunity to gain extra money.

If you wish and approve, you will be provided with a discount code to publish on your blog for your readers. This code is an identifier of you. Every customer uses this code will get 10% discount. Each complete purchase gives you 5% in return. The code will be valid 1 month, during the featured month of course. This is manually processed and you will be notified and paid during 14 days after the featured month is over. You will be provided evidence or usage.


  • Applying is made by filling an online form linked down here. Deadline is 23 December 2016. The chosen bloggers will be announced on 29 December 2016. First Blogger to be chosen will be featured from 10 January  to 10 February 2017 and so on.
  • The BoM first season will be running for 6 months. This means I will be choosing 6 great bloggers this time and it absolutely never means that others are less. I will NOT keep record of the bloggers information after the announcement of BoMs is made on 29 December 2016. 
  • So things should be fairly done. I will be choosing purely on a design checklist prepared earlier. You can trust my choice because I am first of all a master designer in the visual field and I know what I am doing. The checklist is private. 
  • By submitting your application you accept all above mentioned.
  • All applicants receive £5 voucher after the application is submitted. 
  • Open to everyone in the world that fulfils the above mentioned criteria.

If you wish to participate as a Blogger of the Month for Swedish House Crafts follow the link and apply online:

Apply Here


Suha Hazboun

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

No Time Series: Epistode #3

I didn't have time with all work to make a detailed card. So again the no time saved my blog day! lol!

Night distressing colours went to background. I made it a bit northern lights effect by using Wink of Stella at the top while the paper was still wet. I dropped water around while tilting the card to create a wavy effect. So it was not a dark night only!

After that i cut 2 hill parts using Lawn Fawn die cut hills. At this point I already spent about 8 minutes. So the buttons where left to add in 1 minute.

That was a quick card. Not all supplies are from my little shop. Here are some of the items I used in this card:

Thank you for reading, if you like it, please check out my shop, YouTube channel and other social media links that you can find at the top of the page.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

No Time Series: Episode #2
 The main reason we spend long time making one card is lake of previous planning. Usually we go for it and try different things. Here I assure you that in this series all cards are previously planned that the making took only 5-10 minutes to make.

How I plan my making is another process. As a crafting teacher I will be making tutorials in the future for this purpose. Let's learn to save boring time for exciting things.

Back to this card. I used Roxstamps cross stitches dies which are extremely accurate in detail. I passed them forward and back just once in the die cutting machine. The die is high quality and has long life, besides it is easy release one... and cheaper than most nesting dies cuts I have ever seen.

Stamping and die-cutting are time consumable. To make a quick card, it is good to choose easy mounting elements. Here, because I die-cut twice, actually it was the most consumable time of the ten minutes. In less than 2 minutes I pasted the buttons and draw lines. Of course 3D pearls were added at the end.

Supplies in this card are not all available at my shop, but here are the dies and buttons if you like to have a look.

Thank you for reading, if you like it, please check out my shop, Youtube channel and other social media links that you can find at the top of the page.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Sweet Wishes Basket
Sweet wishes little cute present great for your colleagues or visitors.

So why it takes 8 hours to make a beautiful little thing?Or I guess it is so enjoying that I didn't feel the time. Anyway, today I made a little presenting basket for some sweets or little chocolate bars to invite our colleagues at our work tables. It is always nice to give something on Christmas, and doesn't have to be huge, a little gesture means a lot.

 The little card has a Christmas wish inside it and that sweet bit would must make someone happy.

For supplies, I have used lots of elements, I will include the ones I used from my shop and are available for sale.

Watch the video for details.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Shaker Card

Today it is a lovely glittery shaker card.

I have chosen to make it glittery for a change.

I used

1. Paper Smooches sentiments dies.
2. Memory Box snowflakes dies.
3. Simon Says Stamps stitched circles.

After creating the shaker I pasted the snowflakes on the acetate and mounted it on the black glitter paper.

Thank you for passing by and I hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Christmas Wishes Snowman


Here is Deep Red cute snowman. I coloured it with Derwent Inktense Pencils.

Simple and quick. The card was done in 20 minutes.

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

No Time Series: Episode #1


In this serie we will be making cards in 5 minutes, literally! It is when you feel you need to make a card and you 5 minutes! So hang on and follow the No Time Series.

This card is made of 4 dies

1. Paper Smoothes sentiments
2. Xcut mini dies.
3. Xcut mini Christmas stamp set.

I also brushed it with Wink of Stella clear glitter.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem card is made of only die-cuts!

I chose not to make in colours but in white. This is time I even used the sentiment Happy Holiday instead of any other Christmas wishes to create the feeling of travelling to Little Town of Bethlehem.

I used:

1. Paper Smooches houses die cut and sentiments.
2. Lawn Fawn hills borders die cuts.
3. Simon Says Stamp rectangle stitched die cut.

I cut 2 pieces of the houses and 3 pieces hills. I also cut the sentiments 3 times to create 3 layers.

The hills were put first and then I fitted the houses in between and measured the vertical distances before mounting to make sure they fit the card correctly. I pasted them from the down part of the dies cut and added double sided foam tape under the the upper part of the dies to keep a shadow distance in between. Because it is all in white, this is important.

Finally the card was done in short time. It is always the planning takes time but the making is not.

I hope you like it and thank you for passing by.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Personalised Gift Vouchers

Not sure what to buy for a present? Why not send a personal message as a note, here how it works in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to Swedish House Crafts home page here and hoover over shop to open categories, choose Personalised gift voucher:

2. Choose the amount you wish to give as a present:
3. Now you can write whatever text you like and it will turn to a code with 15 min after purchase is completed! How cool is that?

 You can send your code as a message, write it in a beautiful card and give it to you beloved or friends!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Secret Msg Book Xmas Tree Hang

We're getting ready for Christmas. So this is a beautiful hide a secret message in a mini book of Poinsettia.

White, red and green, glitter and Wink of Stella brushing on the flowers and the leaves. The paper is glitter white, so less messy hands this time.

I used magnets to be able to close the book, see it in the video. I used the ribbon under the capsule so it is easy to pull it out. 

Watch the video how it is to cute. 

Thank you for passing by.

Key products:
  • Doohicky Club Magazine Vol. 6 : The book die-cut
  • Doohicky Club Magazine Vol. 2: The poinsettia flower
  • SHC Template that I designed for the inner filling of the book. If you wish to have it available for download click yes on the video poll (the information icon on the top left of the video).
  • SHC Secret message capsule.
  • Berisford ribbon 7mm glitter white.
  • Stampedous Embossing Powder "Jewelled Gold"

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Start! 10% OFF The Whole Shop

The Start! 10% OFF The Whole Shop 

This is an exciting time for SHC! Christmas is around the corner and we are already celebrating a new present for crafters. This is the first day the shop is open! go check it out!

Get your 10% discount now! Use code SHCOPEN.

See you soon happy crafters!