No Time Series: Episode #2

by - 11/19/2016

 The main reason we spend long time making one card is lake of previous planning. Usually we go for it and try different things. Here I assure you that in this series all cards are previously planned that the making took only 5-10 minutes to make.

How I plan my making is another process. As a crafting teacher I will be making tutorials in the future for this purpose. Let's learn to save boring time for exciting things.

Back to this card. I used Roxstamps cross stitches dies which are extremely accurate in detail. I passed them forward and back just once in the die cutting machine. The die is high quality and has long life, besides it is easy release one... and cheaper than most nesting dies cuts I have ever seen.

Stamping and die-cutting are time consumable. To make a quick card, it is good to choose easy mounting elements. Here, because I die-cut twice, actually it was the most consumable time of the ten minutes. In less than 2 minutes I pasted the buttons and draw lines. Of course 3D pearls were added at the end.

Supplies in this card are not all available at my shop, but here are the dies and buttons if you like to have a look.

Thank you for reading, if you like it, please check out my shop, Youtube channel and other social media links that you can find at the top of the page.

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