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Sponsored post by Chalkola Chalk Markers.
Written by Suha Hazboun



I use liquid chalks all the time,  I always have the regular problem that it dries with watery transparent effect instead of chalk effect. Therefore I'm always careful to choose the right liquid chalk for the right purpose.

Chalkola have been out for a while. I have seen lot's of reviews online but I thought I can test them myself for other uses. I found the paint complete opaque thus easy to wipe away. I use it in the kitchen to mark my spices. See down, in this post, the difference between them and other markers on vinyl stickers which are my favourites in the kitchen. The chalk paints in general are made for completely non-porous surfaces. If used on porous surfaces they may not wipe clean unless it is cloth, then can be easily washed out.

But first, here, I am very enthusiastic about Chalkola as they are liquid chalks, but you feel them as paint. That was a clear when I used them on glass:

Notice the paint effect is so clear more than chalk effect. In other words, you work as you do with liquid chalks, but you get paint effect in it. 


As a digital designer I feel more comfortable to create online and bring it to life. So I created this image first in Illustrator and printed out on A4 to trace.

Then I chose the colours from 2 collections of  Neons and Earth Tones (click on the image to head to the product page on if you plan to buy any of the Chalkola products get yourself a 20% discount with this code. 20OFFSTR

The nibs are in two sizes in the above sets; 5.5mm and 6mm, but you still can make thin and thick lines with both. The neons come also in 3mm thickness. Like other chalk markers, first time, you need to press on the nib long enough to let the nib soak with paint. Here are two colours, the green unused and the red already open. It took me about 20 sec to soak the nib with paint in each pen in general which is a very good indicator. This, ultimately, because the nib tissues are very thick, well pressed, holds lots of paint thus do not drop. I enjoyed working with them. The surprising element to me was that I didn't have to wet the nib again to get out more paint during the drawing. It indicates that the nib felt material is very high quality to me, well preserver and paint holder.

On the other hand, the Chalkola chalk markers are not filled in fancy barrels. However, this is the least problem I can think of when quality matters. As I always look for the content more than the packaging. Content is where I want my money to be spent on. I find the Chalkola markers manufacturers are spending more on the paint than on the packaging. This might look as a less encouraging for people who judge the book from the cover, but for me, after using lots of different markers, I care about the quality of the paint or ink more, specially when buying an expensive product.

Down points for Chalkola which I hope they can take into consideration is:
1. Naming of the colours: it is essential to have the colours numbered or named, as taking those fabulous chalkpaint to artist level requires identification of the paints. This shouldn't be a problem for children and seasonal crafters though. However, If I am going to artist level, I want to know what is the name of the colour so when I use it I can get back to the same colour tone. 
2. You can't buy them individually. If you run out of one chalk colour or two, you have to buy the whole set, which sounds a bit inconvenient. 
Other than that I can't see but great colour collections. So shiny and vibrant neons, unfortunately, the neon effect is not easy to get on camera! Thus my favourites are the Earth Tones, they have the pastel chalk beauty.

Let's talk more about the paint itself. It takes one draw with the markers to cover an area. By the way, the black version in the photo here is a print out, I placed behind the glass. You can see me tracing the word "cup", while just moving smoothly on the glass.

Here is another photo of the work. I managed with the same pen to dot, draw lines and fill areas. I didn't have any smearing even though the paint is liquidy and I didn't experience drawing problems with the markers. The drying time depends on the amount of the paint but in general few seconds.

If you like this work you can have a cleaner printable version of it here (For personal use only. Please contact me for commercial license at:

 You certainly can have the clean template too:
But that is not all, we still have to talk kitchen! As I mark all my kitchen spices with chalk marker. So I tested Chalkola with other brand I used to use before I got myself the white Chalkola. Here is the results in the coming photo. The upper one I used the Rainbow chalk markers which is pretty well spread in England and good quality. The upper label is the Rainbow Chalk and lower label is Chalkola. You can see the difference of chalk effect. The Rainbow is pure chalk which is the result you get normally from a chalk pen. While Chalkola which I tend to like more is opaque. Why I prefer Chalkola in the kitchen? Because each time I touch the spices, I poke the labels and I have always had the problem that names get deleted under my fingers. This didn't happen with Chalkola which is a credit for them.

The labels are vinyl. I got now an idea; you can have a vinyl sticked to a T-shirt or a hoodie and let children draw on their clothes. That's fun. Don't worry it totally washes out clean, even if they draw on their clothes. Extra, ha!

Finally time to clean. Chalkola says it wipes easy. So I got a water wetted cotton pad and wiped the glass painting, first time, I guess it was a lot of paint that it got wet and smeared, then with a dry cloth I wiped the wiped area, so it became totally clean! You can see what I mean in the photo. 

I tried on the the vinyl labels and I was totally surprised how the label was pitch black clean from first wipe with cotton pad and water (lower label), while the Rainbow chalk left residue (upper label). 

Originally the Chalkola seemed to be for children, but I am going to keep using them, for the opaque result, filt quality and the easiness of cleaning which always a nightmare. Who wants to clean???

I do recommend them if you are looking for temporary results, complete opaque and long life nibs. 


If you are going to test them out, it is worthy to buy them on 20% discount. Therefore you can buy them directly from in the US and in UK using the discount code:

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The code is valid on all Chalkola products on Amazon


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I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

Sponsored post by Chalkola Chalk Markers.
Written by Suha Hazboun

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  1. Never heard of liquid chalks before. They look very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Hugz

  2. Hi IONABUNNY, we always hear about new things. I am happy you find ut useful xx


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