Thanks Window Card

by - 2/08/2017

Using one of my favourite dies I made a thank you card. I used Gummiapan die with one slide in Cuttlebug it cut so crispy and easy release.

As you can see, I cut out the front of a card and measured a pink front. I cut THANKS twice, once on the pink paper and another from patterned paper. I pasted the pink paper and ready to mount the rest as the patterned THANKS will be measured with the pink negative out cut space.

Then I pasted the patterned THANKS on the inside of the card. Now ready for the cutting of the the window, or in this case a whole terrace, lol!

I cut out a window from the pink card and pasted inside the card exactly inline with the patterned THANKS. After that I used acetate sheet to link between the upper and down of the front pieces to create the window.

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