March 2017 - Swedish House Crafts


Friday, 17 March 2017




Thank you all for becoming part of Swedish House Crafts. Yes, you are! 
You are so kind and I am overwhelmed with the amount of the applications (in comments and by email), honestly, I didn't expect!
So, what will happen next: I have already spot out some who I chose because they have what I am looking for. However, there have been lots and lots of fantastic bloggers that worth gold to me and I don't want to say no! Therefore, I will spend now a horrible week looking through all the applications again, cry a bit, laugh a bit, have coffee, chat with mom, talk to myself, get crazy and then come up with a the final list of DTs and GDTs.
  • If I choose you as DT, this means that your style works with SHC. First 3 months we try each other.
  • If you are chosen as Guest DT, it means that you have something valuable in your blog that makes SHC shine, you will become Guest DT for the next year.
  • If I don't choose you, this means you are on the list, but not this time or your blog has another angle of art and craft that I'm afraid it doesn't go with the what I am looking for, but this doesn't reflect a negative opinion on your art... I haven't seen a bad blog in the applications at all and that is why my week will be difficult.
Good luck everyone and thank you so much 😘!!



So it's time for SHC family to grow, right?

What I am looking for is simply 4 kind and happy crafters who love my shop items and would love to use my products in their creations to show off and inspire people.

My shop sells Swedish design dies, stamps, papers besides other embellishment, As a DT, you would be able to find your favourites in my store, not necessary that you today use any of them but would consider yourself able to have them in your stash and feel comfortable creating with them. Check it up and see if it's your cup of tea:

Your favourite craft can be for example mixed media, art journal, greeting cards, scrapbooking, paper craft, stamping, or may be you like the buttons and you sew. Doesn't matter. I am looking for 2 major things that are important to me, creative and able to work as a team with other DT members. When I say creative I don't mean you invent things, just "I never seen like it before" thing. We will be shaping things together as a team.

Our mojo together will be "innovation in the simplicity".

IMPORTANT: communication platform between the team is in a secret group on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook account.


  • 4 people will be chosen for now.
  • renewable 3-6 months contract basis.
  • 2-4 guests DT. (1 post per season each).


  • a crafter who updates her blog regularly.
  • has sense to photography.
  • can write tutorials and show details of her beautiful work, we all love that.
  • keep a good record of time and deliver on deadlines.
  • able to come up with own ideas and impact the team because you will become an important part of the blog.
  • desirable: Makes videos, a plus.
  • dare to become an ALIEN, thinks out of the box and do it your way!


  • post a new creation twice a month.
  • one of those posts is a tutorial with details and close up photos. 
  • post on your blog as well as on SHC blog linking to the items used.
  • keep a back up post for emergencies! Oh my, this is essential! it means you make an extra post but save it until needed, when published you have time to save another one.
  • comment on your fellows, reply to comments, everyone loves interaction.
  • team work is much required, one of the DTs will be the team leader by vote.
  • be a queen on your posting day, lights on you, xx (I'll explain in time).
  • Be part of the team is essential. Say your word.


  • free stuff of course. Choose your toys that you feel comfortable to create with, in other words, you make a wish and many times it becomes true. Naturally you'll get also items of my choice too, but this should be in a way like "choose between" thing.
  • the freedom of creation and freedom of scheduling where the team plans together their schedule on our little FB group where we share our thoughts and suggestions to ensure everyone's satisfaction and support.
  • your chance to shape the blog, the schedule and to nominate new DT members because this is the first DT call for SHC, it is an unborn baby and you are the base and the establisher.
  • you will get a generous 30% off with a personal code to use each time you make a purchase.
  • you will get shop credits occasionally and seasonly. Yes there is a difference, credits are better when you make smaller purchases and percentage is better for larger amount purchases.


  • you're alive!
  • you have a sense of humour.
  • love people and humanity but you love crafting more.
  • have an updated blog.
  • priority is for UK, Scandinavia and EU, but seriously, if you are living on this planet or on Mars, you're welcome to apply! May be charge you for shipping if you are on Mars though ;P
If you match the above, do not hesitate to apply. If you are hesitating to apply because you think other bloggers are better than you, why not let me decide that? APPLY hun xx.


  • Simply send a link to your blog to 
  • Comment here with a link to your blog, some people just don't like to apply open, you decide your preference.
  • Either way please tell me any information I need to know or you think it helps me choose you, make it easy for me, please, and whether you'd like to be guest DT instead.


30 APRIL 2017

UPDATE: I have received applications that have blown my mind. I am so overwhelmed and happy that you like my items and you like to be part of it. Therefore I am deciding to start with the applications from 5 April 2017 to choose the first group who should help me choose more after the deadline, I wish I could take everyone!! But sounds like 4 DTs is a small number now, right?
For now, I am heading to Sweden 😁 and I assure you, I'll get my B**t larger with lots of fika (😌 google it) breads, cookies and sweets 😋