#1 Hidden Star: Kaye English

by - 4/12/2017

Hello everyone, it has been a while since we had some inspiration, my fault 😑, but now things need to be changed. Therefore Swedish House Crafts is in need of DT's who will be our inspiration, but that's not all, each and everyone of you is an inspiration too, why not show off your work?!

Did you ever buy anything from Swedish House Crafts and received an email asking you to show your work? Sure you did.

Kaye is not really a social media lover, but that is not stopping her from showing off her great work. She sent me what she did with To My Valentine Papers from Pion Design. It is just so beautiful and inspiring, yes so much work too! Learn more about Kaye our hidden star!

Kaye English

USA, Virginia

Crafting specialty:
My career is a government contractor.  My interest specialty is crafting bound books, scrapbooks, and paper crafts.  I love art and I love paper – I can’t get enough.  I have been making scrapbooks for my 1st/2nd grade Sunday school students for 12 years.  I decided to start making books for grownups last year and found a new love in crafting.  I find joy in telling a story in a book that allows the receiver to insert photos to complete the story.  I also create personal calendars for friends – it makes me so happy when I love what I make and the recipient is excited to receive the gift. 
The intimacy of creating a modem that expresses art and passion that allows the recipient interaction and creativity to make the paper come alive with images of their lives is so incredible Suha, so amazing.  The gift could last a lifetime!  That’s love.  I love bringing joy to another soul.

Favourite brand found at Swedish House Crafts:
I discovered Swedish House Crafts by doing a Google search for Pion’s To My Valentine, so Pion is probably my favorite so far.  But I love Maja Design and will be purchasing Vintage Romance shortly.  I feel so comfortable in the vintage and Victorian genre.  What an era, huh?

Best craft moment:
My best craft moment was the completion of my first adult scrapbook – Graphic 45’s Voyage.  It was so perfect and colorful and as the finished pages turned, they told the story of a mermaid so vividly.  Everything clicked and meshed, it was so beautiful a moment.

Worst craft moment:
My worst craft moment was this last project!  I decided on the dimensions of the book and created the “red” inside pages prior to receiving my paper from Swedish House Crafts.  As I began to put the pages down (not yet glued though [whew!!!] I discovered that my pages were too big for the cover and spine!!!!!  I didn’t want to change the cover – it was just right.  I had to redo the inside pages, which means I had to buy the cherry paper again.  LESSON LEARNED:  measure, measure, and measure.  It doesn’t hurt to create templates too.

Funny fact:
I am a knuckle head!  I lose things all the time (especially small things) – I am so focused on the task at hand that I put things related to it in the strangest places . . . I don’t know why I do this – cannot get away from this even when I intentionally try! (LOL).  You should see me retracing my steps to find things – it is too funny!

So let's see what Kaye has done!

Have you bought toys from Swedish House Crafts and made something you are proud of? Why not send some photos to and who knows, you may end up published here and of course claim your treat!

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  1. We need to encourage Kaye into the world of social media, so that we can see more of her lovely work! The detail on that spine was well worth needing to re-order supplies!

    1. I'm getting there Clair. Thank you for your very kind words. I will try it with the book I'm working on now. You are awesome. Thank you.

  2. These are gorgeous papers and I love Kaye's book. Great with the little questions and answers. Hugz


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