Magnolia DooHickey Box Vol.16 "Fall In Love" - review | by Olga

by - 10/23/2017

Hello paper crafters!

I would like to present a review of Magnolia DooHickey Box Vol.16 "Fall In Love". So what is it? It is a huge collection of dies (38 dies total!) plus there is an inspiration booklet included (with pictures of the projects and step by step instructions).

In this short video I will give you a closer look to all the dies of this wonderful set:

Now the good news for all die cutting lovers and Magnolia fans!

Swedish House Crafts store provides 5% DISCOUNT + FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for this set (as well as all the other goodies you would wish to purchase along with the Vol.16)

Just use the code OLGASAUTUMN at checkout!

Note: the same discount and code applies for Magnolia DooHickey Vol.18 "Flowers" available now for pre-order.

If you have any questions please contact Swedish House Crafts at


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  1. Wonderful video!! I've bought this from Suha bought didn't know what some of the dies were so many thanks for showing me :). Debra x

  2. Oops, should say 'but' not 'bought' the second time. Debra x


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