Sweet Girl Ellie with Poinsettia | By Sabrina

by - 1/26/2018

Hello to all!
it's my turn again and today I want to show you the wonderful one Sweet Girl Ellie with Poinsettia and my new card!

I love the Gummiapan ... they have everything I want and I look for the stamps: a clear stamped, infinite, thin all well-defined traits ... in short, a perfect stamp ... And then I have a weakness for the girls!

For the tender Sweet Girl Ellie with Poinsettia, I chose a very delicate colour and I used the distress! And then nestled her in this adorable heart of sequins!!!

Also for this project you will find the video at the bottom, in which I show you how simple it is to create a card with just one stamp and without using dies!

I used:

Happy viewing with the tutorial !!

Sabrina xx

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