Gummiapan 3D Dies Assembled | By Suha

by - 3/14/2018

Mystery solved!! Were you wondering how the boxes look like when assembled? I couldn't imagine how they would turn out as the results were surprising. So let's go through them.


So you can see the four sides makes the house and covers on top. The circle is supposed to cut the entrance to the bird house, it fits well. It comes with opening and closing tab. You can add mini candies, or why not hide a lollipop inside. That would be fun. As for the size of it and how the dies look like you can see it here


This one really surprised me! I thought it is a regular box like Magnolia's Pixi Box. But it is a tiny pizza box lol! I didn't figure out how to put it together until I remembered how the real pizza box is assembled. Funny, I thought I lost my brain for a moment with this die. If you wish to check out the sizes, click here. I have a project in mind for this box, so if you don't want to miss it remember to follow the blog by email. 


They come in regular large size and teeny-tiny cute one. The large one looks beautiful in this Maja Design paper, I cut it at the down edge of it to make this pattern line up with the box edge. You can see the full measurements here. The die cuts one side, so you need to cut 2 pieces out with it. Whilst these dies are one way to do it and a quicker version of a template, here is Donna's tutorial for a hand-measured one

The tiny cute one is one die so you tape/paste it from one side only. Also you can find the full size here.


Ok, now this is something that is fingertip tiny and very cute. I think all tinies are cute things. At least I find them so. This is a mini version of the regular size of the gift box die. Do you remember Olga made us some beautiful work with it.  Also here are the measurements and how the die itself looks like (you need to cut 2 pieces to form the box). It can be used for gifting a ring? or a piece of chocolate lol! make sure the recipient is not on a diet in this case!


Yes, small and cute! but you know it doesn't have a tab to open or close. I pasted the top together but maybe using magnetic sheet strips on each side will make it close. I think it can be useful for small chocolate bars or mini eggs for children. It is quick to assemble. You cut two pieces and paste them together. Make sure to score it beforehand to make it easier when bending the top of it. I messed up a bit, but who cares, you couldn't even tell ;). Of course here is the size and how the die looks like.


A diamond shape box with so many edges to paste on! I don't like pasting too much, I always love the easy origami style fit in things. However, the assembling process became more fun when I started to see the diamond shape itself. Wasn't expecting it to look so beautiful. 

It is also useful and can be filled with whatever you like. As you can see it has an open/close tab on the top. I love how it turned out. Here are the measurements and die shape.


This was a challenging one for me. I don't even know if I it assembled correctly or not, sorry! It looks cool though. I cut two sides with it, you can see three sides in each die, since I didn't figure out how to assemble it I went with my guts and cut one side and assembled the two cut out pieces together. Well, if you have other results please show us :). Here is the die and the full size of it. 


This is huge for a basket! you can have a large piece of cake or giant muffin in it. It is perfect for Easter baskets filled with paper shreds and a large Cadbury chocolate egg sits in it, or chicken with mini eggs. Endless possibilities with such a cute big basket. You need to cut two pieces of same die. Here is the size and shape of the die. 


I had to change the name of it, as this is turned out for be a holder pocket and not a tag itself. You can still cut a tag out of it, but still have to be called pocket. It can be used in many projects, like Albums, cards with hidden tags, gift card holder pocket, as the size fits I think. Here is the measurement and die shape. 

I can't wait to see what the design team have been planning and making with them. Subscribe to the blog and don't miss out. 

Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope we can continue to inspire you as well as getting inspired of all your works, whether using Swedish House Crafts items or all the other wonderful brands in the world.

Cheers xx

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