Set of Pion Design Notebooks | by Anna Sigga

by - 3/21/2018

Hi there fellow crafters.

Like most of you I have a nice selection of leftover patterned papers from previous projects and since I don't like throwing pretty things away, I often use those leftovers to create smaller projects.

I created these notebooks from those supplies and printer paper. These little gifts are really handy when I am invited to dinner or a small dinner-party and I want to give the hostess a lil gift.

These notebooks are also handy when my girls are invited to a birthday party. I often give these small handmade gifts along with pens and other smaller pretties.

Thanks for stopping by today and if you are looking for more inspiration from me you can check out my YouTube channel and of course my blog: Scrappalicious.

Links to products I used:
Pion Design, Easter Greetings -Purple Ornament
Pion Design, Easter Greetings - Spring Fairies
Pion Design, Easter Greetings - Images from the Past
Pion Design, The Songbird's Secret - Images from the Past
Pion Design, The Songbird's Secret - Apple Orchard
Pion Design, The Songbird's Secret - Pendants
Sequins - Vintage pink
Sequins -  Light Turquoise
Sequins - Golden

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