Foamiran Dianthus style flower tutorial | By Liz

Hi guys, I'm back today with a few Foamiran flowers I have created using the fabulous 0.6 Foamiran and Lady E Design dies. Suha now has these in stock in the Swedish House Crafts online store.

I had a look on the internet and saw some gorgeous flowers called Dianthus, a little carnation looking I thought, so I played about and tried to make some. On the pictures I saw the inner petals were uncurled so I attempted to make that effect on two of the flowers.

I first took some narrow wire and wrapped some floral tape around them. This was so that if they finished up showing they looked a little like a stamen, which on the real photo's I saw did too.
I made four of these on one and five on the other simply by using single petals off one of the flower dies, I will explain that below!! then I used full heads of the flower heads for the other layers.

Step by Step:-

1. Die cut three flowers using  the middle sized die from the 001, then four or five dies from the next size up.

2. Colour from the centre out on all the flower heads. I used Geletos /Passion fruit.

3. Heat one of the smaller flower heads on an iron. Then scrunch, twist and roll the petal one at a time on the ends of the petals only. Set this aside for now.

4. Heat on the iron the other two smaller flower heads, but this time scrunch the whole of the flower head, by bringing the petals together then scrunching the whole head. Unfold the flower then lightly stretch one petal at a time in the middle below the edges of the petals, so the tops remain scrunched.

5. Repeat the same steps of scrunching and stretching on the larger flower heads too.

6. Go back to one of the smaller flower heads and cut each of the petals out as individual petals. Do this by cutting from the petal edge into the middle on both sides.

7. Take a small piece of narrow wire and wrap some brown floral tape around and down the length of it.

8. Take one of the flower petals and glue it onto one of the wires in the middle only, so the petal edges are free.

9. Do four or five more, then glue them together with the outer part of the petals facing outwards.

10. Wrap a tiny amount of the floral tape around the wires underneath the flower heads.This helps keep them together.

11. Take one of the smaller flower heads and make a hole in the middle of the flower head. Thread the flower head up through the wires, add a little glue underneath the inner petals so the first smaller flower head can be fixed in place.

12. Glue another flower head in place, doing the same steps. Alternating the petals as you go.

13. Repeat the same steps for the next three layers but this time use the larger flower heads.

14. Cut off the wires beneath the flowers and add a dab of glue to make sure the flower holds together.

15. Die cut some of the leaves from the 002 die set by Lady E Designs out of green 0.6 Foamiran. Scrunch the leaves between your fingers. You do not need to use the iron this time unless you wish to.

16. Add some colour on the leaf edges, also optional.

17. Glue two of the scrunched leaves at each side of your flowers to finish.

A. To make the fuller flower - I did the same steps with a wire.

B. Die cut three of the middle sized die again as before then colour in the same way.

C. Heat on the iron then scrunch each petal edge as before, then cut into individual petals again as before.

D. Glue three petals together by gluing along one edge of a petal, overlapping the next one over the top slightly. Then when set do the same again, so you have three petals glued together side by side.

E. Join the three sets of three petals together so they are in a line.

F. Add some glue onto the piece of wire, then glue this on the left hand edge of the first petal. Loosely wrap the rest of the joined petals round the wire, adding a bit of glue here and there on the base of thee petals to fix in place. Finally add a drop of glue on the last petal on the base of the petal to keep together.

Repeat the steps from step 11 as above for the other flowers as before, but this time you will only have one wire to cut off.

Suha will have Moulds for Foamiran flowers in store too soon, can't wait!!!

Do let me know if you have a go.
Happy Crafting!!

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