Silk Foamiran Peonies Display | By Liz

I't's Liz here today with you, as you know I love Foamiran and making flowers with it. I decided this time to make a display of Peony type flowers using Silk Foamiran.

I used two colours of the Silk Foamiran, Pink and White. This is really easy to use and needs no heat from an iron etc, scrunching with your fingers only is enough to keep the petals in shape.

I used  the Lady E Design dies flower 002 for the flowers and leaves 002 for the Calyx's.

I used a medium sized foam ball for the centres of some of the flowers, simply cutting out a circle of the Silk foam, gluing it on top of the ball, then adding petals around the ball layering some of them onto the foam circle to give the appearance of  petals opening, I then added some larger petals around these, simply gluing the petal at the base only. I mentioned I used white Silk Foamiran and on some I edged the petals with some Versa Colour ink in Magenta,

I tried to make the flowers look as individual as I could by simply gluing some inner petals closed. Some with an open centre and some with a ruffled centre, where I didn't use a foam ball at all.

For this type of flower head I took some of the smaller petals and after scrunching simply glued the petals around a piece of  floral wire. Some of these I turned back on themselves too, this gives the look of the flower above.

I altered the amount of petals on the flowers to make them appear buds or fully bloomed as well.

I made some leaves with mid green 0.6 Foamiran and added a little colour on the leaves, these leaves are in the same die set. I then glued them onto a floral wire and inserted them here and there and in between the flowers.

I hope you will have a go at these flowers, they are quite fun to make and look gorgeous for a display.

Links to products I used:-

Happy Crafting!!
Hugs Liz xx

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