Tamara's Confession about Magnolia DooHickeyClub!

by - 10/20/2019

Today I have a special post for you filled with cards using Magnolia's Doohickey box dies of my favourites of all times. I still remember how excited I was when they announced Doohickey die kit Vol. 1 and now there are pre-orders for vol. 24!!!! Crazy, huh?! I confess  - I have them all! Do I like them all? YES Do I need and use them all? YES! Will I buy all the future ones? YES!

Pre-order vol. 24 HERE!!!!!

and here is why...

These cards are filled with various Doohickey box dies, check them out.

Vol. 2

Vol. 16 (Fall in Love)

Vol. 17 (Silent Night)

 Vol. 8 (My best friend), 10 (Buzz buzz ...)

Vol. 21

 Vol. 8 (My best friend)

Vol. 10 (Buzz buzzz ...)

Vol. 1, 15 (Sail away)

Vol. 13 (Sweat Pea)

Vol. 13 (Sweat Pea)

Vol. 12 (Noel)

Vol. 10 (Buzz buzz), 16 (Fall in love)

Vol. 17 (Silent Night)

Vol. 17 (Silent Night)

Vol 23 is sold out now. If you are lucky you can find one in another store that sells them. But if you do, don't hesitate to buy it there, you might never find it afterwards.
But we have vol. 24 coming out! 


Hugs, t.

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