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by - 11/04/2019

You heard it, UNCLES! Call all your men who have been crafting behind the curtains and let them show up themselves proudly. You see, we are so excited for many reasons; first, if you have a crafty husband or boyfriend, then he understands your addiction. It is even better if he's addicted. That might explain why he lets you buy all that stash! So why not give him a big applause. I say, it is not enough if he doesn’t come forward clean and say he loves crafting and that is where they should go,

Creative Crafting Uncles

Initial Start 15 January 2020

One brave man didn’t only announce his crafty addiction, but also is the first to take the role to make something about it. And when something crafty different happens, Swedish House Crafts is the first to support!

Creative Crafting Uncles, a new challenge blog that will open its doors on 15th January 2020! The challenges will be themed and only masculine projects are allowed. We like to see all participants, no matter if female or male. The goal of the blog is to get more males to the crafting table or let better say to show their crafts.” Alexander Kretschmann, the founder and owner of Creative Crafting Uncles

So the "Uncle of the Month" will be announced

Alexander Kretschmann

Since it is a brave step, we’re impressed by Alex and since we are curious about how come this happened, I poured questions on him.

1.     When did you start crafting and how did it come about?
As everybody I started crafting in school. To be honest - this was not my world. For a long time, I did craft nothing! When I met my wife, things changed slowly. I started with helping her to decide colour combinations or embellishing. The next step was cutting decoupage. Then I started with my first easy cards.

2.    Why did you decide to start a blog and when?
Since December 2016 I have my own blog to show my crafted projects. I decided to start it to step out of shadow and not 'only' be the man aside. And now I decided to have my own challenge blog. 

3.     What obstacles did you face during your crafting journey?
Obstacles? Myself! My wife has always encouraged me to craft with her. My answer was always that I am to clumsy or I cannot do this with my big hands and fingers. But then we got the solution... tweezers!

4.     You encourage other male crafters to join the community, why?
What I want to show is especially that men can craft, too. I see a lot of challenge blogs with female crafters but only a few with a male crafter in their team. I like to encourage males to show their creative side and  I want to take it up with a prejudice. Being creative is nothing gay related and even when you are - that is fine for me! We are living in 21st century - be what you want to be!

5.     What would you like to tell us “dominant ladies crafters”?
I have nothing special to say. I love seeing all crafts. And when you look on my personal blog you can see that I have no problem to show my soft and female side. Same I hope to see the other way around. I hope to see a lot of females showing their masculine projects on the blog.

We know the importance of getting family involved in activities together, could be a sport, a dog walk, watching favourite tv, or even eating at your favourite family restaurant. I can never imagine that men don’t like creating using papers, cutters, stamping, colouring… just we’re picturing all the time that crafting is for women, some businesses see it as crafting is only for older women and those who doesn’t have anything else to do, harsh to hear, but that is not how I see it. Everyone can create, we are born curious, creative, imaginative creatures, but we grow to learn only “it’s just like that”. It is wrong, let’s break this rule and tell the world that crafting is for everyone. Get your man involved.

Well, just to let you know, Creative Crafting Uncles Design team are creative men. They all share the same love to crafting like us. Go, have a look at their work:

Creative Crafting Uncles Design Team 

There are some fabulous names in the team, but let's keep that to Alex to introduce. I can just say, welcome gentlemen to our crafty world. You certainly will inspire us.


Continuing celebrating our 3 years and after all we have said above, Swedish House Crafts is the official and only sponsor for CCU 2020. The 12 months of 2020 will be crazy, I know, we’re very excited about it and we’re not only being sponsors for another challenge blog, but the ONLY challenge blog that is dedicated to male DT creators! That is unique and special.
So ladies, grab the remote control off hubbies hands, take them to your crafting table, and make them craft, let them get crafty and join Alex!

Join the challenge starting 15 January 2020, and the first "Uncle of the Month" will be announced in February 2020 due date. Looking forward for some exciting times.

Suha Hazboun

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