Christmas Paper Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

by - 12/13/2019

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Today the post is little different, we always talk about our own crafty days and inspirations, but we probably all have some kids around we would love to have some inexpensive crafts with. That is why we're sharing some awesome inspirational tutorials to remember in this lovely season.

Christmas paper craft ideas for kids to make at home

Christmas is a wonderful time to get crafting and experimenting with the many ways paper can be transformed into special things. From clever festive origami shapes and DIY hamster toys to Christmas cards and decorations, here are four Christmas paper craft ideas for you and the kids to enjoy making at home.

1     Christmas cards

First things first, let’s create some cards! With just a sheet of paper they’ll be able to let their imaginations run wild. There are so many fun ways to make Christmas cards, from sticking down Christmas shapes with glue to using ink pads and stamps – you could even cut festive shapes out of potatoes and dip them in paint.

You can get even more creative by making pop-up cards.

2     Christmas gifts

How to Make an Original Pencil Pot Using Toilet Roll Tubes

Once the cards are sorted, it’s time to move onto the next level – crafting Christmas presents out of paper. The kids can make sweet gifts for all members of the family, even the pets!

Find a new use for those empty loo roll tubes and tissue boxes by creating DIY hamster toys – their furry friend will love a new house or maze to explore. Or you can use those empty boxes and tubes to make recycled gift boxes for the humans in the family. Of course, pets like cats are often happy just with a cardboard box or sheet of paper to play with!

How to Make Hamster and Gerbil Toys

3       Christmas snowflakes

Fast and easy Christmas craft ideas to decorate your tree

We all love a bit of paper play, and origami can be as easy or as difficult as you like. A simple paper snowflake is a great way to introduce the younger members of the family to origami. All you need to do is fold a square sheet of paper over and then get cutting. Just like real snowflakes, no two paper snowflakes will be the same, which is all part of the fun!

You can decorate them with paint and pens, or leave them pristine and white, before sticking them on the windows and the walls.

4    Christmas decorations

How to Make a Magic Village Advent Calendar for Kids

The origami work can become more complex with older children, and they can create some amazing Christmas decorations from a sheet of paper and some clever folding. Use patterned, festive-themed sheets in golds, reds and greens for that wow factor. You’ll be able to find tutorials online for how to make impressive shapes, like Christmas stars.

You can also keep things simple by cutting circles out of paper and gluing them together to make Christmas flowers. A little pompom in the middle is the perfect finishing touch.

With these four ideas you can enjoy lots of Christmas paper craft fun with the kids.

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